People Music Academy

Guided music making & practice sessions
Learn like the pros

Great musicians aren’t born that way. They come from countless hours of practice, perfecting their skills so they can focus on making music.  At People Music Academy we strive to shape great musicians through authentic, individualized,  guided group instruction and coaching

Imagine you had someone to show you what and how to practice… and then practiced regularly with you in a group? 

New Pograms in September

  • One-time workshops 
  • 12 week band program
  • On-going guided practice sessions

Our Vision

Individual Growth: To consistently and reliably develop all musicians and artists in our Academy. Our curriculum and programs are developed with a singular intention in mind: An artist who attends and works hard during all of their sessions each month, will see improvement in their musicianship. They will have more focus and be part of a community.

Community: To bring musicians together in practice. We want to leverage the fun, accountability, and camaraderie of regularly practicing your instrument in a group setting, under the guidance of a leader/mentor.

Artistic Growth: We strive to be at the forefront of artistic development. Our Music programs are designed by accomplished, well travelled artists and educators. These artists have developed tried and tested programs that will take you to the next level as a musician and artist. Through these programs you get to develop along side other musicians in a supportive environment guided by your instructor.

Our Programs

Our programs start with a 8 sessions (twice per week for four weeks).
Each session is on hour long during which you will be guided in a practice session by a professional artist. 
Each program is designed to hit all pillars of music making (Sound, Rhythm, Ear-Training, Technique and Musical Knowledge)
You will be playing lots invert session applying the above elements to learning tunes, improvising, playing duets, etc.